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About the Forum

Postby Administrator » Thu Nov 30, 2006 10:09 pm

The group uses this Forum for discussing arrangements for walking and social activities.

Some public information, such as updates on walks, is posted for non-members. However most of the forum contents is restricted to members.

Once we have met you and you have joined the Ramblers you may request access to the members' area of the forum. When you contact the group include your Ramblers membership details (name, address and member number). We check supplied details against Ramblers records.

You can either register yourself using the register link at the top of the main Forum page or send us a username and email address that you wish to use and we will set it up for you.

i) The username does not have to be your full name or even anything to do with your name at all. If you post in the public forums it will be publicly visible.

ii) The email address must be a valid email address for you. It will not be visible to other users of the board.

iii) You should receive some emails generated by the forum system as your account is set up.

If you register yourself access to your account will need to be activated by an administrator.

If you have any problems or questions regarding this forum then please contact the forum administrator forumadmin@darlingtonhiking.org.uk .

The moderators and administrators periodically tidy up the forum.
Users who have not become members and have not contacted the group in any way for three months and then do not respond to contact from the group within a further month may have their access revoked.
In general Forum discussions may be removed three months after they are last posted to.

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